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How to mantain your AC Unit

How to mantain your AC Unit

AC Repair Services

How to mantain your AC Unit

With the highest temperatures the correctly operation of the air conditioners Unit is most important por us. Because that is highly recommended mantain in good conditions to operate our AC Unit and that way avoid a early AC Repair.

So, ¿How to maintain your AC Unit? Well, here we want to do some recomendations to prolong lifespan of your AC Unit with more than experience of 13 years in air conditioning services

Change your filters every month

Is normal that our homes have dust over the surfaces like a TV, nightstand, Stereo and AC Unit and that does the filters getting really dirty and quality air worsens, which will do that our AC Unit require a repair sooner.

Put vinegar on the drain line

The drain gets dirty very easily and this causes a malfunction in our air conditioning unit so we recommend that you put vinegar on the drain to keep it clean.

Set thermostat when leave the house at 78f

Setting the thermostat to 78f will make the place much colder and you will feel a comfortable climate that once you get home the unit will be able to keep 75f

It will take more time to cool down the house if you leave it off, than keep it at 78 or 80 degress even if you are not home also you remove humidity

Keep thermostat Fan Auto and Cool On

When the unit runs you want condenser and air handler working so it removes humidity and cool down the house,when you have fan on running all the time you will return the humidity back into the house because the coil has water and it will evaporated and go back to the house

With this little tricks you can prolong lifespan of your air conditioning unit