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Air Conditioning Service

Protect your property and increase your comfort with our High Standard AC services, When we get to your home or business we will attentively listen to the issues you have described in order to make a fast and accurate diagnosis of the problem and get your unit functioning normally.
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With more than 13 years of experience in Kendall in the market; we know how important the Air Conditioning system is due to the high temperatures; our customers in Miami face in the summer; that is why we provide a comprehensive service in everything Regarding air conditioning for your home.

Our expert diagnostic services and ongoing training allow; you to get the most qualified repair service in South Florida.

We also have a highly qualified team for the installation of AC Systems of all brands and models to ensure proper operation.


The maintenance of the Air Conditioning is fundamental for its correct operation and to guarantee the useful life of the unit.

Normally it is recommended two maintenance per year but it is recommended to change filters every 30 days; so we will avoid breathing dirt-laden air and our device will last much longer.