AC Repair Services

How to know if my ac needs servicing or repair?

AC Repair Services

With the high temperatures in Florida, the correct operation of our air conditioning units is very important to keep our spaces at an ideal temperature. Here we want to present you some signs so that you know that your air conditioning unit needs maintenance.

Unit runs longer than normal, you feel that is not cooling like it used to

When our air conditioning unit has constant use and you start to feel that it does not cool as much as it used to, it can be a clear sign that your unit requires maintenance and repair attention.

Water Leaks

Your air conditioning unit uses liquid refrigerant to cool your home or office, and doing so can create condensation while operating.

All of this can lead to leaks in your unit or accumulated water around it which is an important sign that your system is not working properly. These leaks must be fixed immediately or they may cause more serious damage to your air conditioning unit.

You have not done maintenance in a year

Our air conditioning units are rigorously used during the summer to withstand the high temperatures that are recorded. If you have not maintained your air conditioning unit for more than 1 year, it is a sign to say that your unit requires maintenance to keep it working properly and extend the useful life of the unit.

Unit gets frozen

With the refrigerant in the unit some components may start to freeze and this means that the air conditioning unit is not working properly. This can damage the air conditioning unit and you should have it repaired or maintained as soon as possible.

Thermostat not reaching temperate desire

If when you are using your air conditioning unit for several hours and the thermostat does not reach the desired temperature, it is a clear sign that your unit requires repair or maintenance to recover its normal operation