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In a place where the temperatures are very high it is very important to have an air conditioner, either for a business or for your home. Having an air has become a necessity and an investment that anyone should make. Staying comfortable and relaxed in your spaces is what we want to offer you, we are Cooling mode a company in charge of offering you a comprehensive service with everything related to air conditioners.

A reality is that in the summer season, the temperature can increase causing failures or malfunctions of your air, which is why it is necessary for you to have a trustworthy company that is in charge of repair, maintenance, cleaning and others, and we we are the ones It will not be a problem for you if your air fails at any time of the day because we offer you our emergency air conditioning service the same day you need it, just a call and one of our technicians will be there to solve your problem.

Cooling mode has the best technicians throughout Florida, certified and trained, ready to solve any type of problem you have with your equipment, be it cooling or heating. Additionally, we guarantee that our technicians provide the best service and we will deliver the best quality in all the processes we carry out, from the installation of the air conditioning to the repair and all this at the best prices.

Our service covers from new constructions to residential and commercial units, all this for your home or for your businesses as well. We also offer a one-year satisfaction guarantee on the work provided, although we are sure that you will not have any problem with our services, you will not find another company that supports your work as much as we do, you can make use of this guarantee if you reach feel unhappy.

We also offer diagnostic services for your equipment where you will have the highest quality and quick attention throughout South Florida. If your air unit is old, damaged, or even has not been maintained for the past few years, we can fix it, all of our technicians are highly trained for more than a dozen major brands.

Remember that if you have an air conditioner you should know that when an air conditioning unit is kept well clean, the coils without leakage and pressurized will last much longer with excellent performance. It is important that you do not forget to carry out adequate and necessary maintenance so that your equipment does not fail, we will ensure that your air is kept in the best condition, and thus you will not have to change equipment as quickly.

If you are interested in any of our services, call us and we will explain everything!